Monday, December 8, 2008

I love the holidays

Yesterday afternoon/night we had friends over for our annual holiday dinner party. Unfortunetly, with all the catching up, cooking, and attending to the munchkin, I forgot to take pictures. We had a wonderful time seeing everyone. The food was excellent, especially Julie's homemade Mac n Cheese, Jaqi's vegan cupcakes, and Jenny's appetizer cheese dip. Tony as always, made a deliciously juicy turkey, and I made the mashed potatoes & stuffing. Lots and lots of yummy food! I was particularly proud of the tablescape I put together. I took these shots earlier in the day after I set the table. It turned out exactly as I had hoped, and was all festive. I love that carnations come in so many colors. I feel like they are always a nice way to add some fresh flowers to the table, without spending a lot of money. I love the way they smell too.
Last night after everyone left we relaxed with Tommy and watched a little tv. I just took a couple pictures of Tony and Tommy. I fell in love with this first one, so I thought I'd share it with you... oh and the two others made me laugh. Tommy is such a little camera ham.

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Orange it Lovely said...

Oh I love the table!! Looks very classy! Of course Tommy is so handsome!!